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The absence or lack of implementation of energy-related building codes makes it difficult to finance ambitious, energy efficient buildings through national or international banks. Without comprehensive building code implementation, no energy reference values to measure energy efficient projects against exist. Because it is not clear when required codes will be fully implemented in the target countries (Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon), alternative reference values that financial institutions can use on short notice must be found or developed.

Reference values can also be used by building certification or classification systems (such as the EPC scheme in the EU) that build on suitable energy-related reference or baseline values (e.g. an average specific energy demand of a building usually expressed in kWh/(m²a)). A compilation of reference buildings is needed to calculate representative energetic reference values. Reference buildings are buildings in the building stock that represent a specific building type (e.g. free-standing single-family house), construction age class (BUILD_ME project focuses on new buildings), and the region’s typical technical building systems. A complete collection of reference buildings that adequately represents the entire building stock—a building typology—is presented in the BUILD_ME database.

The BUILD_ME team identified appropriate reference buildings for each of the three target countries and all relevant building categories that adequately represent the new construction sector. This database forms the basis for all subsequent activities, including:

  • Development of energy performance reference values
  • Comparison of proposed measures in the pilot projects
  • Support for policy-related activities (e.g. work on the building codes, design of certification systems, and determining potentials for national strategies)
  • Development of training activities for bank staff and project developers