MENA Typology and Energy Benchmarks

The findings from the first phase of BUILD_ME show that there are several challenges linked to enforcing and implementing energy efficiency building codes (EEBCs) and to their success in promoting efficiency in the target countries’ building sectors. The incomplete enforcement and implementation of EEBCs has resulted in the lack of reference values for overall building energy performance (BEP). This situation makes it difficult to develop and implement suitable funding programmes and national strategies.

This report presents the methodology, working steps, and results of the development of the building typology and reference buildings in BUILD_ME target countries.

Progress reports (2016-2018)

The BUILD_ME project addressed a wide range of topics related to energy efficiency in the MENA region in its first phase. The project team analysed macroeconomic boundary conditions and the status quo of energy efficiency to produce a comprehensive picture of the current situation. Guidehouse, together with the local partners, conducted extensive stakeholder dialogue with public authorities, project developers, utilities, and consumers to identify barriers and drivers for energy efficiency in buildings. This dialogue led to country-specific policy recommendations, which were assessed against their impact on energy, emissions, investments, and jobs. To ensure these findings were realistic, the team worked with select pilot projects in each country.

This work is compiled in three comprehensive country progress reports that can be downloaded below. 

Country factsheets

The BUILD_ME team has compiled two-page factsheets that provide a concise overview of current developments in the low-energy building sector and project developments in BUILD_ME's target countries from the previous six months. These factsheets will be updated twice a year.