A central aim of the BUILD_ME project is to support an improved political, financial, and regulatory foundation for energy efficiency in buildings. This can be supported through broad stakeholder dialogue processes to identify drivers and barriers, thorough policy analysis, and concrete recommendations for decision makers.

This section provides practical insights for a variety of stakeholders, including banks, ministries, municipalities, project developers, and other institutions.

Stakeholder Reports

In Phase I of the project, Guidehouse, together with its national partners and the market research institute GfK, conducted numerous interviews and organised roundtables with stakeholders in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Stakeholder groups included project developers, banks, public authorities, and suppliers. These discussions aimed to:

  • Assess barriers for the uptake of efficient or renewable energy-based cooling and heating technologies in residential buildings.
  • Evaluate what role different stakeholder groups play in the decision-making process.
  • Collect recommendations on how the financial and regulatory framework should be changed to incentivise homeowners and developers to choose efficient heating and cooling appliances rather than conventional ones.

The stakeholder reports summarise the results of these discussions for each of the three target countries.