The BUILD_ME project also aims to support the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in ongoing building projects. The project team offers technical assistance to project developers in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon on integrating such measures in the early stages of select pilot projects. BUILD_ME’s work with pilot project fulfils multiple objectives:

  • Demonstrate technical and financial feasibility of energy efficient buildings
  • Better understand the barriers of implementing energy efficient buildings
  • Communicate the lessons learnt from practice with policy dialogue
  • Test the classification scheme (to be developed in the second half of 2020)
  • Provide training for the staff implementing energy efficiency/renewable energy measures

What we provide

The project team provides demand-driven technical assistance to project developers to help improve the overall energy performance of the buildings. Technical assistance could include the following:

  • Integrative planning using tools like dynamic simulations (e.g. Trnsys, ISO 52016)
  • Economic analysis using tools that calculate economic indicators like payback period (PBP), internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Cost-benefit calculations
  • Support with tender documents of energy efficiency products and renewable energy solutions (commissioning)
  • Site supervision (ensuring proper implementation of energy efficiency/renewable energy measures)
  • Consulting on possible financing opportunities and support when applying for the appropriate funds

Selection process

Suitable pilot projects are identified using a three-step approach.

  1. The project team develops a long list of potential projects.
  2. The list is narrowed down to filter out the most relevant pilot projects.
  3. The top six pilot projects are selected based on an evaluation matrix.

Principles of support

To benefit from the technical assistance provided by BUILD_ME’s team of national and international experts, the project developer should agree to three principles:

  • Providing the information required to execute their assessment, knowing that our experts will respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of their data.
  • Agreeing that the project results will be disseminated, allowing their project to attract a wider regional audience.
  • Receiving technical assistance at no cost to them, but not with financial compensation. Hardware is also not subsidised through the BUILD_ME project.

Pilot projects from Phase I

In Phase I of the project (2016-2018), BUILD_ME supported six pilot projects (two projects each in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon).

A profiles of each pilot project supported by BUILD_ME can be found below. The profiles contain background information and specs about each project.

Pilot projects from Phase II

More information and data about these new pilot projects will be published on the website on the respective project pages soon. The BUILD_ME team is currently assessing and evaluating several other potential pilot projects in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. We expect to announce more pilot projects joining BUILD_ME in the coming weeks.