Al Wahat al-bahareya, Egypt

Royal Herbs Farm Complex-Guest House

The Bahareya Village is built in a desert landscape around 450 kilometres outside Cairo. It is home to the farming community engaged by organic tea producer, Royal Herbs. Its solar powered sustainable campus is located beneath a mountain range in Egypt’s western desert. The eco-village consists of three sustainable buildings, an Engineers housing building, a Guest house and a workers housing building. The guest house building saves up to 63% on energy and 36% on water.


"The buildings at the Bahareya village are consisting of housing to about 150 people, a cafeteria, medical facilities, mosque and communal spaces. The guest house building includes bedrooms, private lounge, multipurpose and meeting hall with a shaded parking. Gravel manufactured from recycled construction waste provides the base for the building concrete structures. The building is adapted to the natural airflow and sunlight on location over time, discovering ways to manipulate the breeze and enhance shade. Cantilevered shelter is adopted for walkways leading to entrances; deep shaded areas in dark colors help to reduce temperatures by controlling the amount of air exposed to light. Cacti scattered throughout the campus offer splashes of greenery without compromising on a commitment to water efficiency. "

Project info

Construction phase
New construction
Building type
Non-residential building
Net floor area
583 m2
1 story
Construction type
Original construction year of the building
Project contact
Eng. Salma Khalil
Contact email address

Project team

Royal Herbs
Energy efficiency consultant(s)

Building Rating and Certifications systems

Rating and certifications systems

Building Envelope

External walls

Description of construction
"120 + 120 mm + 7 mm rockwool insulaton"


Roof type
Flat roof

Openings and windows

Glazing type
Double glazed
Description of construction
Use Low-E coated glass for all windows with width 800mm or larger/Use double glazing with higher thermal performance glass

Additional thermal insulation materials

Roof insulation: 75mm heat insulating foam

Technical Building Systems

Space cooling system

wall fans

Water heater system

Primary water heater system
Solar Thermal collector on the roof

Lighting system

Primary lighting system
LED (Light emitting diode lamps)

Shading devices

Type of shading system installed
Static (fix) shading systems as part of the building architecture (e.g. Maschrabiyya, porch roofs, pergolas)


70 kWp
this is the total capacity for several buildings within the same project.