Amman, Jordan

Oak Saraya- 8 Villas

The Oak Saraya residential villas consist of eight semi-attached residences with an operational carbon reduction of 88 tCO₂ annually.
The project earned an EDGE Advanced Green Building Certification by achieving:
51% Energy savings as compared to typical local practices by applying many measures including full thermal insulated exterior walls using green cellulose with special attention to detailing, highly efficient window glazing and framing, highly efficient heating and cooling systems and high reflective cool roofs. The rooms also maximize natural sunlight and airflow, reducing the need for lighting and air conditioning.
43% water savings as compared to typical local practices by applying many measures including, an on-site wastewater treatment plant, low flow plumbing fixtures, and an efficient irrigation system.
Further sustainability features include conserving natural resources by preserving all existing trees on site and using local materials.

Project info

Construction phase
New construction
Building type
Single Family House (SFH)
Detailed building type
Semi-attached villas
Net floor area
2200 m2
4 stories
Construction type
Original construction year of the building
Project contact
Maysoon Al-Khuraissat
Contact email address

Project team

Energy efficiency consultant(s)
adaa, Sustainable Development Consultants

Building Rating and Certifications systems

Rating and certifications systems

Building Envelope

External walls

Description of construction
The exterior of the building has natural stone as the main material used with additional accents of low VOC porcelain, Blown Cellulose with 50mm thickness was used to thermally insulate all exterior walls which is a natural recycled material.
0.52 W/(m²*K)


Roof type
Flat roof
Description of construction
White-colored paving is being used on all roof areas.
1.02 W/(m²*K)

Openings and windows

Glazing type
Double glazed
U-Value glass
2.8 W/(m²*K)

Technical Building Systems

Ventilation system

Type of ventilation
Free ventilation (windows)

Space cooling system

Primary space cooling system
VRF system
A smart high efficient VRF system with COP of 3.5 is installed on the main levels to provide cooling during summertime.

Space heating system

The residents’ thermal comfort is very important as well as the economic and environmental impacts, that is why the heating for the villas is provided through an underfloor piping system that is heated through a high-efficiency gas boiler.

Water heater system

Primary water heater system
Combi system (system provides space heat & hot water)

Lighting system

Primary lighting system
LED (Light emitting diode lamps)

Shading devices

Type of shading system installed
Static (fix) shading systems as part of the building architecture (e.g. Maschrabiyya, porch roofs, pergolas)

Final Energy Demand

Total specific final energy demand
73 kWh/(m²*a)

Primary Energy Demand & Emissions

CO2 emissions
37 kg/(m²*a)