Cairo, Egypt

City Centre Almaza

City Centre Almaza is a new project owned by Majid Al Futtaim Properties Egypt. It is an urban development project to establish a five-star shopping center with a range of retail and unique selling points, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities. The site is located at the ring road between Heliopolis and Nasr City districts of Cairo. City Centre Almaza is located at the intersection of Suez Road and Autostrad Road. The total land area is 123,658 m2 (approximately 30 Feddans). The Project mainly consists of a cinema complex, hypermarket (Carrefour), retail Stores, food court, parking spaces, building services (substation, energy center, etc.).
The vision for City Centre Almaza is to create a super-regional mall attracting visitors from the most affluent suburbs of Cairo and Giza by offering a world class retail experience with the best range of retailers, complemented by world class entertainment.

Project info

Construction phase
New construction
Building type
Non-residential building
Detailed building type
Retail / Trade
Net floor area
123658 m2
2 stories
Original construction year of the building
Project contact
Majid Al Futtaim Properties Egypt - Diaa Yahia - Egypt Country Head
Contact email address

Project team

Majid Al Futtaim Properties
Archimid Consultant
Construction contractor(s)
Energy efficiency consultant(s)
Shaker Consultant
HVAC consultant(s)
Shaker Consultant

Building Rating and Certifications systems

Rating and certifications systems

Building Envelope

External walls

Description of construction
All outer building boundary are thermally insulated blockwork (ISO Block) walls with some Granite base, GRC cladding is used on the iconic Cinema façade.
0.45 W/(m²*K)


Description of construction
Roof construction is typically insulated using A Multilayer Waterproofing and thermal shock resistant roof (COMBO roof system), supported on both concrete slabs and metal trapezoidal liner trays and the primary steel frame beams under screed to falls.
0.24 W/(m²*K)

Openings and windows

U-Value glass
1.3 W/(m²*K)
Overall u-value window
2.1 W/(m²*K)
Description of construction
Entrance Glazing and Skylights are typically thermally broken aluminum framed double glazed units with air space cavity.The total system including the frame works is categorized as 2.1 (2,0 W/M2K – 2,8 W/M2K), Horizontal Glazing: SHGC: 0.36

Technical Building Systems

Ventilation system

Type of ventilation
Mechanical ventilation system without heat recovery
The project is to be mechanically ventilated/air conditioned to provide a comfortable environment with a high level of indoor air quality for the building’s occupants. Fresh air is supplied through dedicated outdoor air handling units with all mean of filtration and treatment with the required rate as per ASHRAE standard 62.1. Additionally, all leasable areas have a provision of chilled water by tenant, whilst it has the fresh air and exhaust air provisions to maintain the IAQ at acceptable levels and not to negatively affect the projects’ IAQ.

Space cooling system

Primary space cooling system
Centralised chiller │Usually a central system located in the basement
Centralized water-cooled chiller system is provided to generate the chilled water to project’s spaces entirely. Central air handling units are maintaining the Indoor air conditions at the required levels with all means of filtration and treatment. CO2 sensors are provided in the high density occupied spaces to keep IAQ at acceptable levels. Outdoor air delivery is monitored and controlled through Building Management System.

Water heater system

Primary water heater system
Dedicated gas heater (dedicated = just hot water generation)

Lighting system

Primary lighting system
LED (Light emitting diode lamps)
Lighting Controls: Occupancy Sensors, Timers and BMS

Shading devices

Type of shading system installed
Static (fix) shading systems as part of the building architecture (e.g. Maschrabiyya, porch roofs, pergolas)
shading screen panels have been designed under skylight units, to provide further shading to glazed elements and to prevent glair inside the mall corridors.


PV Panels on project associated car park roof with 4.71% renewable energy production of total project energy based on cost
Manufacturer(s) / products
Metering Building level metering is provided for main utility provisions, in addition to Sub-metering for all utilities for all leasable areas (electricity, chilled water thermal load-BTU meters, water meters, natural gas meters wherever applicable)

Other technical building systems

Building energy performance shows 14.57% Reduction over ASHRAE 90.1-2007 without considering the renewable energy contribution