Mansourieh, Lebanon

Valley Green

Valley Green Residence is characterised by its unique site. Th complex is situated in a calm region close to the city, amidst the orange garden on the road that links Mkales to ESIB University. It is composed of four sections: Blocks A, B, C and D with a total of 210 studios and suites. It includes also a health club, roof garden, wide lobby area with a coffee shop, and a swimming pool.

Project info

Construction phase
Building type
Non-residential building
Net floor area
3780 m2
5 stories
Construction type
Original construction year of the building
Project contact
Joseph Aoun
Contact email address

Project team

Joseph Aoun
Energy efficiency consultant(s)
Contracom - Apave Lebanon

Building Rating and Certifications systems

Rating and certifications systems
Not applicable

Technical Building Systems

Water heater system

Primary water heater system
Solar Thermal collector on the roof
52 modules with a rated power 94 kWp are installed and cover 142.5 m. The modules are connected in group of eight and each group connected to a hot water storage tank of 2000L capacity. The different tanks are connected to a collector pipe to distribute the hot water.
Manufacturer(s) / products
Atlantic France


204 kWp
Total module area
1462 m²
The system type used in Valley Green is a bimodal, AC coupled system with a multi-master inverter dominated mini-grid architecture. 832 (245 Wp) polychristalline panel, Grid 11 connected inverter (SMA), 36 Bidirectional Battery inverters and 288 batteries are used. The system will cover an area of 1462 m2 and generate 204 kWp.
Manufacturer(s) / products
ReneSola (Panel) - SMA (Inverter) - SMA (Battery)

Final Energy Demand

Energy carrier (1)
Energy carrier (2)
Annual hot water demand
329000 kWh/(m²*a)
Total specific final energy demand
244.36 kWh/(m²*a)

Financial Aspects

Estimated costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures
1295000 EUR
Financing sources
Financing/funding institution
Banque Libano -Francais