Nouvelle Souidania, Algeria

Cité Nouvelle Souidania

The main purpose of this project is to build a pilot rural house with three bedrooms, one kitchen, and one bathroom. All of the housing is on the ground level. The energy concept to be followed in this project is based on an integrated approach with a special emphasis on passive techniques such as: • An optimal orientation • The use of natural light • Thermal insulation of the envelope • Use of summer shading • Use of double glazed windows • Natural ventilation in summer

Project info

Construction phase
New construction
Building type
Single Family House (SFH)
Detailed building type
Single Family House (SFH) - detached
Net floor area
80 m2
Land plot size
1 m2
1 story
Construction type
Original construction year of the building
Project contact
Hamid Arfa / CNERIB
Contact email address

Project team

AFRA Hamid

Building Rating and Certifications systems

Rating and certifications systems
Not applicable
Other certification

Building Envelope

External walls

Description of construction
The majority of openings are on the south façade, while their sizing for optimal effect all year round depends on the use of the internal space behind the windows. In consideration of summer conditions, fixed horizontal solar protection is foreseen.
0.35 W/(m²*K)


Roof type
Flat roof
Description of construction
Insulation Area 80 m2
0.2 W/(m²*K)

Openings and windows

Glazing type
Double glazed
U-Value glass
2.68 W/(m²*K)
U-Value frame
2.68 W/(m²*K)

Technical Building Systems

Ventilation system

Type of ventilation
Free ventilation (windows)

Space heating system

Primary Space heating system
Gas non-condensing
The building will use active solar heating with a gas back-up boiler for heating.
Solar energy

Water heater system

Primary water heater system
Solar Thermal collector on the roof
Domestic hot water will be supplied by solar heating system. Collectors will be installed on the roof of the building and the solar tank and controls will be installed near by. The solar collectors should satisfy the demand for heating and DHW with 80%.

Shading devices

Type of shading system installed
Static (fix) shading systems as part of the building architecture (e.g. Maschrabiyya, porch roofs, pergolas)
Window shading

Final Energy Demand

Energy carrier (1)
Gas a
Energy carrier (2)
Annual heating demand
59 kWh/(m²*a)
Annual cooling demand
21 kWh/(m²*a)
Annual lighting demand
13 kWh/(m²*a)
Annual hot water demand
9 kWh/(m²*a)
Total specific final energy demand
140 kWh/(m²*a)

Financial Aspects

Project construction cost
57417 EUR
Financing sources
Low-cost initiatives